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May 19, 2009 at 05:34 AM

Shared Memory Issue in R/3 production Server


Hello Guru's

Few days back I posted below problem in the forum because we faced below problem in our R/3 production server :

An issue with the SAP Gateway which was running but not working correctly

For that reason no RFC or any other outgoing connection was working

Once we tried to restart the gateway the server, it crashed

Please let me know what are the corrective action, and from where I can found the appropriate logs for the same.

Please suggest the rectification or refer SAP Notes to resolve the issue

I am attaching the log for your reference

trc file: "dev_dpmon", trc level: 1, release: "640"

sysno 00

sid PBS

systemid 324 (IBM RS/6000 with AIX)

relno 6400

patchlevel 0

patchno 243

intno 20020600

make: single threaded, ASCII, 64 bit

pid 1380766

Thu May 7 07:04:22 2009

Profile configuration error detected, use temporary corrected setup

Shared Pool 10: ipc/shm_psize_10 = 19880000 (too small)

Shared Pool 10: (smaller than min requirement 189885550)

Shared Pool 10: (estimated size assumed 194000000)

  • ERROR => DpSysAdmExtCreate: ShmCreate (ATTACH) failed (3) http://dpxxtool2.c 566

  • ERROR => DpIPCInit2: DpSysAdmExtCreate http://dpxxtool2.c 342

  • ERROR => DpMonInit: DpIPCInit http://dpxxmon.c 854

  • ERROR => main: DpMonInit http://dpxxmon.c 445

I am unable to get the rectification yet, but problem is resolved now, there is doubt in my mind so please can anbybody give me the answers of my questions:

1. how to see shared memeory details in server and what is the difference in seperate appl servers and CI shared memory?

2. how to calculate the shared memory in the server ?

Thanks & Regards