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May 18, 2009 at 10:08 PM

DS - SAP BW Source clarifications



I have to connect to a SAP BW source and want to load a BW OLAP cube. In reading the DS Tech. documentation, it says SAP BW source would be similar to reading from a ERP source i.e., use a R/3 dataflow and generate the ABAP and do the extraction.

My question is

1) Can DS load the data directly from the BW cube ? (i.e can it leverage the BW accelarators that is used for reporting)


2) Using a DS SAP BW source provides only access to how the BW is organized and DS can load only from the underlying tables and not from the cubes directly. To actually load any data, you would have to write a join with my fact table and dimension tables to get the actual dimension value names and fact data into the ETL process

Option 2) is my understanding of how DS works with BW correct ? If my assumption is not correct, can u clarify how to use the BW cubes directly within DS. Are there any additional documentation surrounding this ? Any implementation experience that you can share