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May 18, 2009 at 06:37 PM

Competitor Products (WETT) in CRM 5.2


In the past year our company has implemented CRM 5.2. We are currently working on Opportunity Mangement. In preparing our system for testing we wanted to download materials of type WETT - Competitor Products from our ERP system to CRM. Initially, we found this would not work. Upon posting a message to product support we were told that this functionality was available up until Release 2.0C but was removed from Release 3.0. We use these materials extensively in our existing ERP system and would like to use the same materials in CRM. We were advised by SAP to make a minor mod to the system by commenting out 5 lines of code in Include LCOM_PRODUCT_MAT_R3_ADAPTERF10 where the WETT material type was being specifically excluded via an IF statement.

Making this mod does allow the products to be transferred to CRM via the middleware. However, we found after doing this that the materials were still not fully usable in CRM; for example, they could not be found via a search help. However, we did find we coudl create these products directly in the CRM system and they would be usable. After further research we learned that there is a field in table COMM_PRODUCT called COMPETITOR_PROD that must be set to a "1" for the material to be usable as a competitor product. We believe we can solve this problem for our downloaded products just by making this setting.

I have several questions:

(1) Is there anyone who used CRM prior to release 3.0 that had experience downloading these via middleware?

(2) Does anyone know why SAP, as of 3.0, removed the download capability for WETT products and required they be created in CRM?

(3) Does anyone have any useful experience to share on making the mod (as described above) and attempting to restore the capability to download WETT products from ERP and using them successfully in CRM?