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May 18, 2009 at 04:31 PM

Printing Multiple PIE Charts Question


I have Cr2008 /Xcelsius Engage. Since CR2008 can not print multiple xcelsius charts I am switching my charts to crystal.

I have a report that groups data by program name. Each group i have a total summary page for each program name with a pie chart shjowing the breakdown of the different program types within the program name..

My problem is that I can't get cr2008 to display the correct legend to correspond with the data being displayed. In the design mode, I can't find anyplace to enter text for each legend begin displayed- in preview i can right click on the legend field, enter text..however i have multiple pages and that does NOT work for multiple pages...

is there anyway I can create "fixed" labels in the legend for the charts to display the the corrtect legend on each page...