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Nov 11, 2016 at 10:20 PM

Why do I get this simple SAP GUI rather than the normal one


When I start an SAP Session from a MS Excel VBA executed VBS Script I get a 'simple or reduced SAP GUI window'. [simple-sap-gui-vbs-will-not-run.png]

If I have my SAP Logon Pad already running then the same program will open the normal SAP GUI window. [normal-sap-gui-vbs-runs-fine.png]

The simple window does not allow the vbs script to run, whereas the normal one does. My colleague does not have this problem and despite hours of investigation, looking at processes and GUID's etc. I can't see why this would happen. Has anyone else ever experienced this, and if so what is happening so that I can take corrective action?

This problem occurs for me with both my MS Excel VBA and C# code, when trying to connect to SAP.

Look forward to seeing if anyone has encountered the same problem, and what fixes may be possible.