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Nov 11, 2016 at 08:31 PM

Release Forecast to SNP using Period Split, Distribution Function and Daily Buckets


Hi ,

We are trying to release forecast from DP to SNP . We have 18 Monthly Periods in DP for forecast and we want to release forecast to SNP with first 6 Months in days - next 6 months in weeks and last 6 months in months. We are using Period Split to Split Forecast from Monthly to weekly and weekly to daily - with distribution function .

The problem is - Not able to see correct split in SNP in terms of Monthly periods for forst 12 months . Lets say I have forecast of 1000 per month and I release using split profile with dist function - my forecast in SNP is split unequally in monthly buckets ranging from 850 to 1190. Using Daily buckets the results are correct for 6 months , but then I am not able to use a weekly split.

Here is the forecast split in monthly periods in snp

905.455 1180.870 871.130 948.000 1156.000 844.000

Is there a way that I can maintain my monthly numbers and still be able to split to weeks and days.