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docGet and create/mcreate examples

Hi all,

I'm quite new to using the SAP interface. I read it's documentation and still not everything is clear to me.

First, when you say document and component, is it like directory and file? For example, I have a zip file ( that I want to 'create' and then 'get', in this case to get it I pass the docId as the zip file name or I need to pass the compId here? i.e is it:

http://pswdf009:1080/ContentServer/ContentServer.dll?docGet&pVersion=00 45&contRep=K1&docId=test


http://pswdf009:1080/ContentServer/ContentServer.dll?docGet&pVersion=00 45&contRep=K1&docId=361A524A3ECB5459E0000800099245E&



Second, if I want to create the zip file (, how to do it?

http://pswdf009:1080/ContentServer/ContentServer.dll?create&pVersion=00 45&contRep=K1&docId=test and passing the in the request entity?

and how the response would look like?


Third, if I want to use mcreate, how does the request look like? and the response?

Examples are HIGHLY appreciated. I'm working with groovy and trying to figure it out but sorry the document is not enough.

Many thanks in advance,


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