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Aug 08, 2018 at 09:44 AM

How to add BI Launchpad logon credentials to an existing Analysis for Microsoft Office file?

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Hi community,

we want to use the scheduling option of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Launchpad for Analysis for Microsoft Office files. Currently we are using BI Launchpad version 4.2 SP3 Patch 11 and AfMO version 2.6.3 SP3.

By my experience, you have to do following steps to achieve successful scheduling of an AfMO file on BI Launchpad ( assuming the setup on BI Launchpad is already in place and scheduling works fine):

Precondition: the AfMO technical setting ShowSsoLogonDialogBip is enabled

1. Open AfMO

2. Add data source via the option Open Datasource (do not select any datasource from the history, otherwise the SSO logon dialog box for the BI Launchpad will not open)

Now the SSO logon dialog box for the BI Launchpad opens

3. Login with credentials

Now the selection box for the BW system opens (client and language selection)

4. Select OK

5. Select data source

6. Save file to the SAP BusinessObjects plattform

7. Login to BI Launchpad

8. Select option Schedule for the uploaded file

9. Fill mandatory configuration and enjoy report

However, this seems to be difficult for AfMO files which do not use the SSO logon for the BI Launchpad, but instead only use the BW system connection (this happens if you skip the login to the BI Launchpad while creating the AfMO file). If I try to schedule this kind of files, the BI Administrator Cockpit shows the error message: Error during scheduling; workbook does not contain OLAP connections.

Any ideas if there is a way to configure the BI Launchpad connection for those files, which have not used this connection when the file has been created? Obviously we do not want to recreate all the existing AfMO files just because we "forgot" this behavior of the BI Launchpad.

Thanks and regards