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Aug 08, 2018 at 08:58 AM

Cannot activate ECC-DIMP , asking to upgrade the component to make it compatible with SAP_APPL 6.07


Hello Colleagues,

We are not able to activate ECC-DIMP ( 6.00 SP26). System is already at 6.07. ( SAP_APPL is 617 SP8 ). Its giving the message that


You want to activate Industry Extension ECC-DIMP. However, the version of Industry Extension ECC-DIMP currently installed is not compatible with other component versions that are installed. To ensure compatibility, you need to upgrade Industry Extension ECC-DIMP and other software components, if necessary. The list below shows you which component versions are needed. If a note is specified in the Note column, be sure to have a look at this as it contains important information about upgrading and installing this software component.

Component Release Note required by Component

ECC-DIMP 617 n.a. SAP_APPL 617

Look for installation and upgrade packages for the software components required in the Software Distribution Center on the SAP Service Marketplace ( and install them using the Add-On Installation Tool (transaction SAINT).


As per note : 774615 - Support Package levels of ERP/ECC installations/upgrades, compatible ECC-DIMP versio is SP26 for EHP7. And its at same level.

Can you please advice here. Do we have to update the ECC-DIMP to 617. ?

Current versions are..

ERP 6.07 , SP8

ECC-DIMP 6.00 SP26

NW is 740 SP10.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.