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May 18, 2009 at 07:15 AM

How to find the error when client proxy is not successfully triggered?


Hi all,

I want to consume a .NET service in SAP.

But when I want to test the client proxy the following error occur:

GENERAL_ERROR Error duing proxy processing (PART


Transaction ST11:

TRACE SOAP RUNTIME - trace records

E CONTEXT 20090518061404.5255720 : CL_SOAP_CONTEXT ->SET_FAULT

SOAP runtime fault handling

E SOAP_RUNTIME 20090518061404.5256990 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT

->EXEC_PROCESSING Exception handling in SOAP runtime

E CONTEXT 20090518061404.5255620 : CL_SOAP_CONTEXT ->SET_FAULT set

fault loop detected

E SOAP_RUNTIME 20090518061404.5256920 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT


Transaction SM21:

SOAP Runtime Protocol: SOAP Fault exception occurred in program CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_ROOT==========CP in include CL_SOAP_RU NTIME_ROOT==========CM004 at position 80

SOAP Runtime Protocol: Exception message: Severe processing error; SOAP fault handling required

How can I find what's wrong????

This error logging is not really helpful to me...

Any ideas?