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Aug 07, 2018 at 11:18 AM

How to bring void items print receipt & authentication in CCO


Hi Support,
We are implementing SAP Customer Check Out for leading hypermarket Company in Mena region, Below scenario we are unable to achieve on Customer Check Out
Scenario 1 :
If cashier voiding items from the same line i.e. same line on QTY decreasing
eg : Cashier scanned Items 3 QTY and QTY added to the same line, later if cashier what to void the item from
the same line i.e. 3 qty want to decrease to 1 .
In this case system is not triggering for any authentication, cashier have provision to play around and the same void we are unable to bring in receipt print , As this information is valuable for customer to see whether the item is void properly from the bill or includes this , from a long bill selected items comparison is not an easy task for customer to check void items , instead of that it is easy to have look on void negative QTY and confirm the bill
We suggest client to split items in different line but in this case a long bill and long screen items are not acceptable for a hypermarket kind of business
Hope from SAP side will bring enhancement on SAP Customer Check Out or I would appreciate if you can provide a workaround to achieve this point.
Thanks & Regards,
Nithu BP