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May 15, 2009 at 03:46 AM

Garbage values come in tax amount after tax break up is done


Dear experts,

I have done tax break up work around for the PO document. It is working fine for all the documents. But suddenly or randomly if VAT alone is chosen it is giving some garbage values instead of the actual VAT amount in the print out. But in the document in SAP it is correct.

This does not happen every time choosing VAT. once in 20 or 15 documents it is happening like this. I am unable to point out the exact reason. Has this occurred for any one before. What is the reason behind this. how to solve this.

This has happened only when VAT alone is chosen. If it comes in all documents i can get the error. but all are coming correctly except 1 or 2 documents suddenly which gives this wrong print.

please help me