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May 14, 2009 at 10:52 AM



Dear All,

Have you got any idea about how to calculate max_cells_one_index?

As a BIA parameter it is set to 125000000 (3.000.000 as default ). However, running a query to extract a large volume of the data leads to an error like below.

"The following error 6952 occurred in BIA server

Amount of data to be read from the BIA server is too large

Error reading the data of InfoProvider ZXXXXX

Error while reading data; navigation is possible "

Now, i really curious about the calculation of this max_cells_one_index. Since the number of data transferred to OLAP is 491.326. Here are the statistics thay may give you an idea.

(The numbers below is collected by running the query against DB, not in BIA since it gets an error and terminates. )

Total DBTRANS 5.765.977

Total DBSEL 12.964.300

OLAP: Data Selection 391,637331

OLAP: Read Data 7.879

OLAP: Data Transfer 491.326

Thanks in advance..