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May 14, 2009 at 08:57 AM

UWL workitems not deleted



not dealt with UWL workitems before.

Client has a PR WF in the system and workitems go to UWL for Approvals.

Instead of releasing the PR from UWL, the user has released it from ME54N.

So now, though the PR is released, it still shows workitems in UWL.

My question is are there any settings (in SAP, Portal) which could handle this, so that whenever user releases a PR thru ME54N, the workitem in UWL gets deleted.

Other question, now since the workitems (for which PR was released from ME54N) are there in UWL, what happens if the user again db-clicks the workitem, will it throw an error?

Last question, what can I do to remove those workitems for which PR was released from ME54N. How can I delete them.