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May 14, 2009 at 07:49 AM

Setting correct APPLHEAPSZ parameter value??


My dear Experts,

Case scenario:

1. Customer of ours runs SAP DB6 Version 9.1 FP6.

2. They ran out of application heap when reorganizing all tables in the REP#ES700D tablespace.

3. The same problem reoccurred also during database restart, i.e failures were not based on the database load.

4. The index rebuild failed again after APPLHEAPS was increased from initial 4096 [4K] to 6144.


To what value do you recommend they increase APPLHEAPSZ to?

The 4096 setting has worked in all of their non-production systems.

Your advice in setting APPLHEAPSZ to an appropriate value will be highly appreciated.


Sam Ogbogbo