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Nov 11, 2016 at 02:35 PM

Is it ok to upgrade just BPEM FACADE SWC and not whole SP of NW BPM Server ?



My requirement is simple, I am on NW BPM 7.4SP8 system and I need to use method getTaskAbstractsByLogonID from task management API of NW BPM which is introduced only from BPEM FACADE 7.4SP10.

Here is what I have done till now

1. I have NWDS 7.31 SP13 PAT0006 and it had old BPEM FACADE and no BPEM HIM SWC(which is dependency for BPEM FACADE as per marketplace documentation)

2. I downloaded 7.4SP13 versions for BPEM FACADE, BPEM HIM as well as ECM CORE (as HIM was showing this as dependency in NWDS) from market place.

3. Exported BPEM FACADE, BPEM HIM, ECM CORE of NWDS locally and deleted the same from Local Development configuration.

4. Imported the new updated 7.4SP13 SWCs in NWDS local development configuration.

5. Added new BPEM FACADE ear as dependency in my EJB module.

6. Now, I was able to see the new method getTaskAbstractsByLogonID I wish to use.

7. Compiled and deployed the code on the server which is still on 7.4 SP 08.

8. As expected, it gave the error that method does not exist on server since it was having older version of BPEM FACADE in which this method was not present.

9. Now I need to know below things and understand if there are any other alternatives to fulfil my requirement

a. Is it ok to just deploy updates of BPEM FACADE (7.4 SP10), BPEM HIM only and not whole server SP upgrade? and if it is going to impact any other things on server ?

b. If I upgrade only mentioned SWCs and wish to come back on original i.e. SP08 versions of the same, will that restore the system to original level or it can have any other impact also ?

c. Is there is any other alternative to fulfil my requirement without disturbing the server configurations and SWCs ? like locally including JAR in code but i just have SCA file of these SWCs so not sure how that can be managed.