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May 13, 2009 at 04:18 PM

Do .RPT files tend to corrupt after a certain size+how large is too large?


I have a user that is using Crystal Reports 10 locally and is accessing an .rpt report file over a network. He has always been able to access the file. When we inspected the file size it is now showing 0 bytes and when he tries to access the file the gets an error-

"An attempt was made to access
....\filename.rpt past its end."

This error is displayed in a Crystal Reports dialogue box.

We recovered an older version of the same file and it works without issues. The file is around 40mb in size which seems to be quite large for this type of file (at least according to some resources I have seen online)

I am thinking this is a corruption situation, similar to how .psts personal folder files act in Outlook.

Confirmation on this anyone?