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May 13, 2009 at 02:18 PM

Can HTML-based reports be built in BLS via an SQL Query and XSLT?


Hello xMII experts,

I have already built a report in xMII which uses XSLT to provide group/sum totals in a web browser. However in a new project, the report must run at certain times and possibly when certain signals become true in the process.

It appears that BLS is a good choice to achieve this and my proposed Transaction was:

1. SQL Query Action(uses the same QueryTemplate as in xMII)

2. XSLTransform Action on the resulting XML resultset (The .xsl file contains HTML which is the original used in xMII to produce the report there)

3. HTML Loader action with the resulting output of the transformation

I have now got some output in the resulting HTML file - however it omits all XSLT code - and I am left with an empty HTML shell but for a few images.

This indicates that perhaps no SQL data was ever returned.

I have therefore two questions:

1. How can I check if the SQL returned data?

2. Is it possible to deliver data to a HTML file directly after an XSLTransformation.

Looking forward to your responses

Best Regards

Robert Sales