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Nov 11, 2016 at 01:52 PM

Deploying SMP Fiori Application to User Mobile(Android) & App Update


Hi All,

I am currently developing an offline app using SMP and till now I have successfully created the android app and its working in the android device with all features like user authentication & device registrations from SMP.

Now I am planning to implement app update feature in the App. But before that I have question on how to deploy the app to user?? Currently I've created the Android apk using cordova comand line and installed in the device and test.

Is there any way in SMP that it will give some URL and the user can use it to install the app in his device


is it that I've to create the apk manually and give it to the users. So from next time onwards, when we push the new code to the SMP, it will use the app update feature to update the app in the users device?

can someone please help?

Thanks in Advance!!