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May 13, 2009 at 09:49 AM

Drilling/linking queries



I am pretty new to BO and Crystal, hence may be asking basic queries. But I am starting a new thread after searching through the various forums and doing a few rounds of googling.

1. Drill/links on graphs. Clicking on the lines/bars inside a graph or on the x-axis of graphs and drilling down into further details.

2. Filter other graphs on the same page based on the drill of any one graph.

Lets say, there are 5 graphs on the same page all showing a variety of data.

Say, Graph 1 shows a time wise trend. Graph 2 shows a country wise distribution and so on.

If Graph 1 is currently showing data for 3 years (2007, 2008, 2009), and now the user drills on the year 2009, then the Time Wise Trend show drill into 2009 and show data for all the 4 quarters of 2009. At the same time, all the 4 other graphs should automatically get filtered and should show data only for 2009.

Hence, Graph 2 should show a country wise distribution but now only for 2009 u2013 its data should automatically get filtered based on the Drill done on the other graph (time trend).

Similarly, a drill down on the Country wise distribution should drill into various states for a particular country, and simultaneously all the other 4 graphs should get filtered on that country. Hence Graph 1 should show Time Wise Trend but only for the particular country which was drilled in Graph 2(region distribution).

3. Implementing aggregate awareness like functionality in crystal reports.

Say, the monthly data is stored in a different table and daily data in a different table.

Now, whenever a drill happens from Year -> Month -> Date, the Year and Month should come from the Monthly table whereas the Date should come from the daily table.

4. Implement more than 3 levels of drill downs - say, 6 levels.

Year -> Quarter -> Month -> Week -> Day -> Hour

The hourly, daily and weekly data will be stored only for a few days, whereas the monthly data will be aggregated into separate aggregated monthly tables.

Note that all 4 requirements are to be supported together in each report. These are not separate requirements in different reports.