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May 13, 2009 at 12:08 AM

Report Grouped by Date "for each week" crashes (XI, VB6, ActiveXViewer)


I have developed a VB6 app using Crystal XI r1 that is crashing when it runs a report that has a Date grouping.

The simplist example is with a report with a date grouping where "The section will be printed:" option is set to "for each week.". The report will usually run initially, and even after refreshing once or twice. However, if it does not initially crash, it always crashes after a few refreshes (maybe 10 refreshes at the most). The crashing happens with or without parameters and/or a record selection formula.

If I change the "The section will be printed" setting for that report to "for each day" then the report never crashes.

The app has never crashed for a report without a date grouping. It has crashed with a date grouping using "for each day", but not consistently, and only when other fields were included in the Group Header display.

It looked like my issue might be addressed in the Monthly Hot Fix 12, but the crash still happens after applying that hot fix.