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May 12, 2009 at 07:11 PM

how to display concatenated (Accumulated) String per page at top of page


Hi ,

I have a problem I hope you help me to solve it : ( I have updated the message many time just to make more clear ) .

please press on link to see the image and to calrify : [|]

there is a text field need to be displayed at the top of every page as well as in case there is more than different values of that field under the same page there should be displayed as concatenated string value (e.g.: B-C as shown on the link ,and so on for the second page in case there is the same value of that field on the next page then will be displayed one value e.g.: A ), and so on for the other pages : for more clarification please see this example:

this is a table : Prefix, Name ,Phone contains the following data :

Prefix -

| Name -

| phone

A Asldk 438439

A Ayksk 232332



B Baslsdk 424224

C cllaka 48484

please click this link to see the example : [|]

-and so on for third page , fourth page .

I appreciate your help as soon as possible


N. Younaki