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Former Member
May 12, 2009 at 04:46 PM

MIC Level DMR-Unable to confirm operation even for SKIP Operation (MIC)


Hello experts

I am using DMR at char level in production process. I have done following settings:

1. Defned DMR to inspect 1 and skip 10

2. IN routing header, choose DMR at CHAR level.

3. My routing have two inspection operations(with Char assignment) one operation has MIC but no DMR meaning that I want to inspect it all the time.

The other operation has MIC and DMR assignment so that I could inspect it 1 in 10 times.

4. My production order type config (OPK4) has order type set up as "Results recording - Error message if no results recording exist"

So I have two inspection operations

10 - Requires inspection all the time (no DMR)

20- Requires inspection with DMR ( 1 in 10)

The MIC for operation 20 is a SKIP. when I try to do CO11N the system does not let me to confirm operation 20 , it gives me error message "Actual data for QM characteristics of operation 0040 missing"

So my question is if my operation(MIC) is SKIp, why does system asking me to confirm it. It does not ask me the same if I use DMR at char level.

Is there additional set up required.