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May 12, 2009 at 10:59 AM

(Problem) Create Time event by BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TE ????


All expert,

I have requirement to customize program same as CO19 for confirmation time event by using BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TE and now pogram can post record type B10 for start and B40 for finish processing. By the way I just have a little requirement for B40 to input calculation value in program at field ActyToConf1 to ActyToConf4 and Unit/activity1 to Unit/activity4 as parameters below. but program ignore all value that I input, only get result the value from standard...

Anyone advice me how I can do that?

gt_timeevents-orderid = caufv-aufnr.

gt_timeevents-operation = '0010'.

gt_timeevents-recordtype = 'B40'. "Finish

gt_timeevents-fin_conf = 'X'.

gt_timeevents-logdate = wa_screen300-fisbd.

gt_timeevents-logtime = wa_screen300-fisbz.

gt_timeevents-yield = wa_screen300-yield.

gt_timeevents-conf_acti_unit1 = 'MIN'.

gt_timeevents-conf_activity1 = 10.

gt_timeevents-target_acti1 = 'X'.

gt_timeevents-conf_acti_unit2 = 'MIN'.

gt_timeevents-conf_activity2 = 30.

gt_timeevents-target_acti2 = 'X'.

gt_timeevents-conf_acti_unit3 = 'UNI'.

gt_timeevents-conf_activity3 = 60.

gt_timeevents-target_acti3 = 'X'.

gt_timeevents-conf_acti_unit4 = 'UNI'.

gt_timeevents-conf_activity4 = 30.

gt_timeevents-target_acti4 = 'X'.

APPEND gt_timeevents. CLEAR gt_timeevents.

Edited by: Konnapa on May 12, 2009 1:31 PM