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May 12, 2009 at 08:31 AM not found when using leave approver from UWL inbox


Dear gurus,

We are using a work flow so that the approver of leaves can see the leave application entries in his UWL.

The issue is when the entries in UWL are clicked, instead of taking to leave approve screen, it shows this error message...

Application error occurred during request processing.

Details: The requested deploy able object '' and application 'LeaveRequestApprover' are not deployed on the server. Please check the used URL for typos.

Exception id: [00144FDB72E6004B00000042000007BD000469B2C947598F]

However the application works fine from content admin-webdynpro.

So i suspect that the URL getting called from UWL is not correct...

the URL getting called is:




I Have checked the forums and did the following checks and all are fine...

1. in the webdynpro system defined in portal(SAP_WEBDYNPRO_XSS): in WAS settings we have given portal URL: PORTALurl:PORT

web AS Path: /webdynpro/dispatcher

2. I have checked the backend setting in swfvisu and the application mentioned in TS12300097 are:

application: LeaveRequestApprover


3.I went to content admin-webdynpro and found the application>ess~lea and run it form there. It works absolutely fine...(however at the output screen i am greeted by sap as welcome abc) where abc is user name in R3 not in portal. and a different masthead image than portal's.

4. I removed, defined and re-registered system several times in UWL Administrations.

5. Checked the XML generated in :

Universal Worklist Content Configuration ->Click to Manage Item Types and View Definitions.

Inside the table there is an entry of which has an XML.

the relevant XML contents are following which seems to be OK.


<Property name="WebDynproApplication" value="LeaveRequestApprover"/>"/>

<Property name="newWindowFeatures" value="resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,directories=no"/>

<Property name="openInNewWindow" value="true"/>

<Property name="display_order_priority" value="5"/>


Still i am not able to identify the issue.

I suspect the only issue is calling the wrong URL when clicking on the UWL items.

Please help me with this