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Former Member
May 12, 2009 at 06:34 AM

SSL How it works


Hi Team,

Its been very tough question in my mind always as how SSL work in SAP environment....

I understand at glance it does 1. encryption 2. Trusting the cridentials entered

In the 1st thing 'encrption' is the basic & fundamental feature of HTTPS protocol and wherein the 2nd feature 'Trusting credentials' is where we mostly work in terms of getting the CA public certicates and configure and so on......

But in the whole process....what we are doing?

what will be there in Public Certificate provided by CA?

What will be there Private Key?

After configuring.....when i try to access the system that's configured for SSL ....

what are all activities takes place....

How do i trace what's happenning while my request is being processed at SSL level?

I understand, these are all very basics but what learn so please help with some good explaination and reference documents.

Thanks in advance.