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May 11, 2009 at 05:29 PM

Creating projects and wbs elements


I am running a conversion and for the upload portion I need to create projects and the relevant wbs elements in the system. I have been looking over the forums etc and have seen many notes regarding BAPI_BUS2001_SET_STATUS, BAPI_PROJECTDEF_CREATE, and BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN.

My problem is this.

I need to update the APPR and PREP system statuses of the projects I create and I can find no way to do this with a BAPI. I also need to update the location of the project (stort) and the only BAPI I can find that will allow me to do this is BAPI_PROJECT_SAVEREPLICA which seems incorrect to use in this manner.

in short:

How do I update project system status of PREP and APPR?

How do I update project location (stort)?

Having no luck finding solutions so any help is appreciated.