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Aug 10, 2018 at 10:19 AM

VBRP table data issue for currency HUF (Hungary)


The amount values are stored wrong in VBRP.

For an invoice with HUF there is no decimal values in VBRK , but in VBRP it is saved with decimals .

Ex: vbrk-netwr = 20.245.924

vbrp-netwr = 202.459,24

The condition values in vf03 is all without decimals and currency as HUF.

The sales order that is related to this invoice has Currency in EUR and with decimal places.

Ex: vbak-netwr = 64.700,00

Could you please suggest how entries in VBRP can be corrected or should i do a workaround in my vbrp extraction program for HUF currency involved invoices.