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Aug 10, 2018 at 09:59 AM

TST03 table index went missing


Dear Colleagues,

I could see that a 'Primary Index' is missing in DB02 transaction and in EWA as well. When I checked the same, I found that table TST03's index TST03~0 is missing.

When I check the same in DB02 under TST03 table, I could see that there is an index which exists as 'TST03~0#$'. If I go to SE14 and check the same then I see that this doesn't exist in the DB and the last change was during 1997 only. I have only 'Create database Index' option in SE14 for TST03~0 using 'Direct'/'BG'/'Mass Processing' method.

Now my doubt as below,

How the index went missing and name changed to 'TST03~0#$'?

Can we create it using SE14? Will there be any impact on Spool generation and saving in SAP?

Please suggest.


Jegan Raj