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BI Platform RWS - extract a "large" amount of data

I'm looking into the BI Platform RWS to extract information from a BI 4.1 CMS. If you could help me with a couple of questions concerning the REST, it'd certainly be much appreciated.

It's relatively easy to retrieve the details of a single object and perform actions on that object. The required steps to extract large sets of data are not quite clear to me yet, however.

Let's say I want a list of all universe objects in the repository.
A get request to .../infostore/[universe root folder id]/children?type=Universe returns universes located directly under the root directory only.
Does one need to iterate through all directories to build a list of objects of a specific type?

I've read about the CMS Query API in BI 4.2. Unless I'm mistaken, this would enable me to retrieve all universe objects with a single request by sending a query in the body, similar to the query builder:
Would that be the way to go from BI 4.2 on?

I'm also wondering if it's at all possible to retrieve security information with the RWS.
For example: What are the principals of universe X? With a reference to the user/group and access levels.

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