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May 08, 2009 at 06:45 PM

Posting with FBV0


Hello All,

we are using FBV0 for posting documents which are parked using FV50,FV60,FV65 and FBV1.Reason for using FBV0 is,not to allow anybody to change the documents before posting.but after we go into FBV1 and display all the documents list when we double click on any documents that were parked using FV50,FV60 and FV65 then we get the message that we are not authorized to use these tcodes but when we click on the document that parked using FBV1 we were able to change the currency amounts for that document before the way we have a custom program which uses FBV1 for parking the documets..

Is there any way to park documets without using FBV1(our FI person told that SAP has provided only FBV1 for parking documents in batch input mode)...or can we restrict it not to open in FBV0..

Any help would be appreciated.