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May 08, 2009 at 05:57 PM

GRC AC 5.3 Application Issue


Hi everybody,

i hope you can help me,

I have a DL360 HP Server in which it is installed the components for GRC AC 5.3 with Win2003 server.

The issue is that the server not respond after 1 day approximately. I try to use capacities (ERM, RAR, etc...) and they not respond, i mean, first i can work normally, but passed approximatelly 1 day, it´s dead, the web pages don´t respond.

I see the event viewer and performance but they not show any problem, just some warnings, therefore is not server or OS problem.

When i see the SAPMMC console, in the corresponding tree of instance currentstatus/<SID>:

/kernel/Application threads pool/Minimumthreadpoolsize module is in red color.

/kernel/Application threads pool/WaitingtaskQueueoverflow is in yellow color.

/services/JMX Adpater/ObjectNameCache/MaxEntries is in red color.

/servides/JMX Adpater/ReplacedEntries is in red color,

¿What is the problem?

¿Do you know how and where look the log files to see the application problem?