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May 07, 2009 at 04:34 PM

46C->ECC6 upgrade with EHP4 SAP_BASIS package not found


We are executing an upgrade from 46C to ECC6 SR3 and binding in EHP4.

We have successfully downloaded EHP4 using Solution Manager MOPZ and

provided the generated "XML" file during the PREPARE.

During the phase EHP_INCLUSION, PREPARE is stopping with a message "No

matching SAINT package for 'SAP_BASIS' found".

The KB70102.SAR and KB70103.SAR packages from EHP4 have definitely been unpacked

and are available in /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in and we have prompted PREPARE to search EPS/in but it just returns to the previous error after searching.

It appears from the logs that the upgrade is expecting a "SAINT"

install package for SAP_BASIS and does not consider the KB70102/3

patches as acceptable?

Any clues as to why PREPARE is not accepting the SAP_BASIS packages and looking for a SAINT install?

Below is an excerpt from the EHP_INCLUSION.LOG

2 ETQ732 Package descriptions uploaded successfully

4 ETQ399 Looking for SAINT package for 'SAP_BASIS' ...

4 ETQ399 ... Read uploaded packages calling function module:

4 ETQ399 current: name = 'SAP_BASIS', release = '700'

4 ETQ399 patch type = 'U', ncvers-component = 'SAP_BASIS'

4 ETQ399 R3upReadNewPackages:

4 ETQ399 patchType='U', langVect='DEFS'

4 ETQ359 RFC Login to: System="CB1", Nr="00", GwHost="dbusrcb1", GwService="sapgw00"

4 ETQ232 RFC Login succeeded

4 ETQ233 Calling function module "spda_read_new_packages" by RFC

4 ETQ399 ismovesVersion='0'

4 ETQ399 R3upReadNewPackages: exit: rc=0

4 ETQ399 ... No matching package found.


Mike Tarr