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May 06, 2009 at 01:44 PM

Systems not appearing/Cannot search for systems



I have defined two systems that call BAPI's (via RFC) on an instance of SAP that we utilize for testing. Using Visual Composer 7.0, we were able to use the "Find Data" option to search our portal instance for systems, but this feature does not seem to be present in the CE 7.1 version of VC.

We were initially trying to migrate the Visual Composer iViews that we created from our 7.0 portal to our CE 7.1 portal. We defined these two systems in the portal and assigned the correct permissions and connection strings before performing the migration. The migration wizard in VC asked us to define the new system names, but the dropdown box that is supposed to contain the defined systems was empty.

My questions are...

1. Even though we've defined the systems in CE 7.1, why are they not appearing during the migration process as options?

2. In VC 7.1, the search function does lot list systems as an option. I have tried searching all of Portal Content, but no systems appear in the results. How do I search for systems defined in the portal so that I can define a data source?

Thanks and I appreciate your help.

-= Michael