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May 06, 2009 at 12:03 PM

Issue with Crystal Report based on 2 different data sources


Hi there,

I am having a frustrating problem with a report I've designed and I'm hoping someone might be able to assist please.

The report has 3 different prompts, each of which is based on a dynamic list of values retrieved via views within a SQL server db.

We are wanting to introduce the use of Universes as much as possible, so the data returned is based off a BO Universe data source query.

I have uploaded the report into BO and have provided the necessary database logon information for the report (in the "Process" > "Database" settings in the CMC) for both the direct db datasource connection (for the views) and the BO Universe query connection.

When the report is run however, the report still prompts for the database user name & password credentials. I have triple checked my db connection settings, and also have "Use same database logon as when report is run" set to true. I also tested a cut-down version of the report without the Universe connection with the same db logon credentials I provided and there was no credentials prompt when it was run, proving those values are accepted.

Does anyone know why this is happening & if there is a way around it? Alternatively, is there some way that a report prompt may be based on a dynamic list of values retrieved via a Universe connection? This way I'd be able to remove the db connection for the views and have the report solely based on the Universe.

Another issue that occurs is out of the 3 prompts, a user can select a User Name OR Number, and also must select a Period. However if the User Name or Number is left blank the message "The value is not valid" is shown. So I tried a cut-down version of the report with only the BO Universe as a data source (static prompts) and this didn't occur, i.e. I was allowed to leave either the User Name or Number empty.

I hope this all of makes sense - let me know if not. If anyone is able to help out with any of this it would be very much appreciated.