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Former Member
May 05, 2009 at 10:28 PM

PFAC - Rule 13200137 / CRM_DNO_1 - Support Team Determination


Hello Friends,

I have a issue in my rule 12300137. The rule was maked following these way:

- The rule only have 2 containers: SAP_COMP and REGION (structure ADDR2_DATA).

- In the "responsabilities" i create twice the same one only changing the REGION.

EX: Rsp01 - SD State 01 = the component is SD* with the region with state01 and support team SD01

Rsp02 - SD State 02 = the component is SD* with the region with state02 and support team SD02

In the simulate the rule works fine, but in the opening of the ticket, the support team determination doesn´t work, bringing this field in blank.

I created another rule dividing the States and placing them in the same action profile, but only works one rule.

Someone have any idea?

Thanks for all help.