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May 05, 2009 at 07:46 PM

PI 7.11 mapping lookup - data enrichment - appropriate approach?


Hi guys,

we just upgraded from PI 7.0 to PI 7.11.

Now I´m facing a new scenario where an incoming order have to be processed.


Furthermore each item of the order have to be enriched by data looked up in a SAP ERP 6.0 system.

the lookup functionality could be accessed during RFC or ABAP Proxy

With the new PI release we have several possibilities to implement this scenario, which are ...

(1) graphical RFC Lookup in message mapping

(2) ccBPM

(3) using of the lookup API in java mapping

(4) message mapping RFC Lookup in a UDF

Because of performance reason I prefer to make use of the Advanced Adapter Engine, if this is possible.

Further there should only one lookup request for all items of the order instead of each order item.

I tried to implement possiblity (1), but it seems to be hard to fill the request table structure of the RFC function module. All examples in SDN only uses simple (single) input parameters instead of tables. Parsing the result table of the RFC seems to be tricky as well.

Afterwards I tried to implement approach (3) using an SOAP adapter as Proxy with the protocol XI 3.0.

(new functionality in PI 7.11)

But this ends up in a crazy error message so it seems that SOAP adapter could not used as proxy adapter in this case.

ccBPM seems also be an good and transparent approach, because there is no need of complex java code or lookup api.

So the choice is not so easy.

What´s the best approach for this scenario??

Are my notes to the approach correct or do I use/interpret it wrong?

Any help, ideas appreciated

Kind regards