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May 05, 2009 at 05:15 PM

Extracting subvalues from delimited field


Iu2019m trying to extract a value from a variable with 12 values delimitated by a colon. i.e. fieldname( v1; v2; v3 etc) (it is string variable) where I want to extract v2. Actually, itu2019s the budget amounts entered for 12 months, and I will need to extract each month one at a time through the year based on the month in the period-ending-date parameter. How do I extract values by their position order?

Sample: contains values 1111;2222;3333;4444 etc. If month({?period ending date}) = 2, then return fieldu2019s second position, 2222. If month({?period ending date}) = 4, return the fourth position 4444.