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May 05, 2009 at 02:22 PM

outbound delivery issue


Hi experts,

Pls advise how to process batch split for the case below. Thx.

When processing batch split in delivery, a message pops up below & cannot proceed further. If not processing batch split (i.e. just entering one batch no.), delivery can proceed further including post goods issue.

My comments: I try unchecking "check without RLT" for availability check 02 / checking rule B in OVZ9. But the below message still pops up.

How can I carry out back order processing or reschedule? I don't think it makes sense. No matter batch split or not, I use the same delivery number. Why no batch split works fine but batch split not?

"The sum of the confirmed quantity exceeds the sum of stock items

Message no. VV040


The availability check in your system is configured in such a way by the check group that, in addition to the ATP quantity calculation, an additional check is run on all available increases and decreases in stock.

During the availability check for Material XX, the system determined when totaling the sum of stock increases and decreases that the sum of the confirmed quantities - 2275.000 KG - exceeded the sum of stock increases - 2010.000 KG -.

System Response

Either no further quantity can be confirmed or confirmed only after a check which includes replenishment lead time.


Check the inventory/requirements situation of Material XX and carry out back order processing or reschedule if necessary."

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