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May 05, 2009 at 02:09 PM

Suppressing Delete Messages in 7.1



I am creating an OCA application. In it, I have a create scenario, wherein I am creating a new record which has both header and item in minDB. Now I need to modify the items for the created header, before synchronizing (meaning this record is not yet sent to the middleware). In this case it is creating 2 messages in the Middleware, one is a create message n the second one is an update message.

I have to send one message only to the middleware which has the complete set of items along with the header.

Now in order to avoid this, if I delete the previous complete record and create a new record with all the modified data. It still sends a delete message to the middleware for the delete operation performed.Although no actual record is going to the middleware since i deleted the record from mindb. Is there any way , I can suppress this delete message or can i send one single message for create and update.

Because according to the business requirement, It has to be a create operation and not an update operation, in which firstly i will create header and item and then will add some more items to the same header later.

Please help!!