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May 05, 2009 at 01:54 PM

Cant change material to batch manged due to unexisting stock at vendor


To all exports

I want to change a material to be batch managed in MM02 in General Plant Data/Storage view.When i check the chek box and try to save i get an eror Appl.area M3 message data 530 wich refers me to the "display errrs. There i get a message *The batch management reequirement cannot

be changed for the following reason:*

Stocks already exist at the vendor's :

material plant O vendor

i have a line that says that the material is at the vendor.

i already returned the material from the vendor using 542 movement (i don't see any inventory through MMBE, the appropriate line in table MSLB has 0 in all the stocks fields.

Because of this i cannot complete the changing the material into batch managment (and comlete the larger proccess of converting the batch level from plant level into material level in OMCT batch level -> conversion)

Thanks in advance for all the help