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May 05, 2009 at 12:11 PM

BDC issue for Tcode KPF6



I did BDC for Tcode KPF6.

The issue is if you run the tcode KPF6, first a pop up window will come and having controlling area input field. The controlling area field having parameter ID.

So I am trying to use the statement SET PARAMETER ID 'CAC' FIELD 'LAM'. and remaining screen fields are doing by recordding

Here the session will create session , If I run the session automaticaly the controlling area is filled bcoz I did it storing in SAP memory.

Suppose first I am creating the session, but wont process now. Now I came up server by logoff, Now I am again log in and try to run the session, now controlling area field is not populated bcoz ABAP memory no more exist.

Now how can I do, eventhough if they came out server and again if they run the session

Note : If once the value is entered in controlling area, If you run the same Tcode, The controlling area screen is won't appearing. bcoz Parameter ID stores the value and takes it in back ground.

Please help me out on these.