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Aug 04, 2018 at 03:51 PM

Which user is used to replicate deliveries from ERP to EWM


Hi guys,

After configuration for qRFC connection between embedded EWM and S4 HANA, the 1st inbound delivery was created and transmitted to EWM. However, when I checked in /SCWM/PRDI, I didn't find any delivery. I checked the queue and saw the queue error.

It said that user XYZ does not have the authorization to add or create the delivery. The user XYZ was the RFC user used in SM59.

The thing is after a basis guy changed the user to the logon user, I created another delivery but there was also the same error. The same user XYZ was used to create the delivery in EWM.

So my question is why does the system use the RFC user to replicate the delivery?

and where can I change the user which is used for delivery replication?