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May 05, 2009 at 10:26 AM

What happen if I change a role after I released the transport?


Here is my Scenerio:

1) Assuming I've created a role : ROLE1 in DEV

2) I create a transport TR1 with that ROLE1, NOT yet released.

3) Then I added ME21 txn to ROLE1.

4) Then I released the transport TR1

5) Then I remove ME21 txn from ROLE1.

6) Then I transport role from DEV to QA.


Q1) I would expect In QA, ROLE1 will still has ME21. - True?

Q2) TR1 will be the snapshot of the ROLE1 when I release the transport TR1 - True?


Now, I want to delete the ROLE1,

A) I would need to create another Transport TR2 first with ROLE1 in DEV

B) Then delete ROLE1 in DEV

C) Then release Transport TR2

D) Then I decided that I still need ROLE1. (oops)


Q3 I should not transport TR2 so that it won't delete it in QA. - True?