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May 05, 2009 at 10:23 AM

Avoid spaces between two text fields in a screen


Hello ,

I have a typical problem, first of all my requirement is i have to display some text adjacent to radio button.

RB1 - Hello how are you. I am fine.

In the above text Hello how are you should display in blue colour ( so using bright option we can display).

and I am fine should come in black colour.

I am getting the output in required colours itself, here my problem i am displaying Hello how are you in Text Filed say TEXT-001 and I am fine in TEXT-002.

In the screen i have placed them side by side.. But when i execute my transaction and if i see the output

it is displaying like this

RB1 - Hello how are you. I am fine.

I dont want that space between those two sentences. I have no clue why that space is coming. Please need your suggestions on this.