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May 05, 2009 at 09:43 AM

Production Order User Status


Dear Experts,

I have created User Status with T-Code BS02 and assigned to the production Order. With the User Status I am blocking the GR, if confirmation is not carried out.

Everything is working fine along the process. System is blocking the GR if confirmations are not done. Upon confirming the user status is changing in Prd Ord and then allowing the Goods Movement.

But now if I cancel the confirmation, the user status is not rolling back (Block GR Condition). After cancelling the confirmation even I am able to do the GR, which should be blocked. How to do this?

Also, in confirmation parameters, I have given "Error if sequence is not adhered to". This is blocking the confirmation of operation if previous opn is not confirmed, But here I can delete the previous confirmation (CO13), after confirmaing the later operation. The deletion of previous confirmation should not be allowed if later operation is confirmed. How to achieve this?

Kindly advice me what are the settings required for this.