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May 05, 2009 at 09:25 AM

CR exporting to ms excel [Excel Cell width formatting pr



I am having a problem regarding the resulting format of an excel sheet generated by exporting a crystal report to excel.

If I develop a CR with nothing on the report except 3 database fields: . Lets say the width of {field 1} is 1/10 of the width of the report space available and so is {field 3}. However I make 8/10 of the width of the report space left.So the 3 fields span the whole of the report without overlapping each other. Then lets say, I export the CR to excel using the export type: MS Excel 97-2000 (Data Only) and the settings: Customer excel format: 'Column width based on objects in the "Details" section' Export object formatting Maintain relative object position Simplify page headers [pre-selected as default] Export page header and page footer [pre-selected as default] The resulting excel sheet has the correct cell widths I wanted for the fields i placed in the details section.

However, because I want to develop a CR with about 8 fields in the details section, one field overlaps another (ie. there is not enough space on the report to fit the fields side-by-side as I want some fields to have long widths and some to have short widths). As a result, the excel export doesn't give the correct cell widths. [ I am exporting using the same export settings as above ]

How can I get around this please?

Thank you.