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May 05, 2009 at 08:55 AM

Retro of offcycle payroll in Actual Payroll


Hi Gurus,

I have Executed offcycle payroll on 02.07.2009 for one employee and paid 1000. on 25.07.2009 i have executed regular payroll for that employee was fine. Now in august i have to pay regular salary as retro with effect from 01.07.2009. Now i have executed regular payroll for august and payroll result is showing three results.

1) Retro of offcycle of 02.07.2009

2) Retro of regular payroll for july

3) Regular payroll for August.

If i stop the retro in the actual Payroll for offcycle then there will is no RT created in case of retro from previous month for offcycle. In this case posting program thinks that we have incorrectly paid offcycle payment and when we do retro for previous period then amount those are actually paid and posted are reversed.

Any comments on Issue