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Former Member
May 05, 2009 at 08:12 AM

PI 7.1 Upgrade errror - DEPLOY_ONLINE_DB phase


hi Team,

While i am trying upgrade to PI 7.1 it's getting error out at DEPLOY_ONLINE_DB phase. Below is error where it start failling.

Description:'1. [ERROR CODE DPL.DBC.204] failed to deploy dbschemacontainer : Y:\usr\sap\NPI\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\cluster\server0\temp\deploy\work\deploying\\ Return code from dictionary library is ERROR.

-> [ERROR CODE DPL.DBC.901] Deploy operation finished with ERROR code.

The following messages were collected by DBModificationController during deployment:

E R R O R ******* (DbSqlStatement)

23:29:44 2009-05-04 dbs-Error: Exception caught during SQL execution 'PK__XI_DIRCACHEERROR__215A6EF1' is not a constraint. declare @pkName varchar(128)

select @pkName = from sysobjects so1 where so1.parent_obj = object_id(user + '.' + 'XI_DIRCACHEERRORS') and so1.xtype = 'PK'

if @pkName is not null exec ('ALTER TABLE [XI_DIRCACHEERRORS] DROP CONSTRAINT [' + @pkName + ']')

Please help me how do fix this problem.