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Former Member
May 05, 2009 at 06:51 AM

Its a logic for rejecting the selected PR by using an REJECT buton


Hi friends,

Can anyone help me out with this logic.

For every PR & respective Item No identified to be displayed

Concatenate PR no & item No with a space in between into a temp field

Read if a record exists in table SWWWIHEAD based on

WI_TEXT contains the value stored in temp field

And Task ID = TS00007986.

If record exists then

Read last two characters in field SWWWIHEAD-WI_TEXT for capturing the Release Code & store in temp1 field & created date & time in an internal table.

Check if the release code in Temp1 field is same as mentioned in selection screen

If yes then perform additional check if the PR is now again put up for release.

Read the date & time as to when the subject PR & Item no is put up for release.

If it is put up for release after the Date & time of rejection then display the PR

Else ignore the PR.

Hope i will get a better response from u guys soon......